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This is my personal blog; I'm a furry artist and I dream of creating my own webcomic.

anyone remember my sappy story about my long distance relationship? well he came here last Friday to visit and just left for home earlier today. there’s a lot I have to say about it, but really the shortest and simplest thing I can say is that it was exceedingly amazing and I was very very happy with him. <3  hopefully I’ll be able to visit him later this summer. <3 we were one of the lucky ones, like… probably the 000.02% of online relationships that has made it that far. I’m very thankful. 

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  1. theindolent said: you both have come such a long way..and I love you both. <33
  2. roveel said: I’m happy for you two <3 And in regards to a poll you had on DA, you’re gorgeous.
  3. lovelyconvenience posted this
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