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My name is Lizzy. I like to blog lots of Zelda, Ghibli, concept art and anything random that makes me laugh or think. I am an artist, though I wouldn't consider my art as anything special. mmyep, I like to draw furries but I wouldn't really call myself a furry. I am aspiring to eventually write my own webcomic and maybe even major in animation one day. I don't really know what I'm doing with my life right now. /.\

anyone remember my sappy story about my long distance relationship? well he came here last Friday to visit and just left for home earlier today. there’s a lot I have to say about it, but really the shortest and simplest thing I can say is that it was exceedingly amazing and I was very very happy with him. <3  hopefully I’ll be able to visit him later this summer. <3 we were one of the lucky ones, like… probably the 000.02% of online relationships that has made it that far. I’m very thankful. 

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  1. theindolent said: you both have come such a long way..and I love you both. <33
  2. roveel said: I’m happy for you two <3 And in regards to a poll you had on DA, you’re gorgeous.
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