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My name is Lizzy. I like to blog lots of Zelda, Ghibli, concept art and anything random that makes me laugh or think. I am an artist, though I wouldn't consider my art as anything special. mmyep, I like to draw furries but I wouldn't really call myself a furry. I am aspiring to eventually write my own webcomic and maybe even major in animation one day. I don't really know what I'm doing with my life right now. /.\

yeah, stupid drawing that’s taken me way too long to finish, but I’m visiting my girlfriends in Florida aaand I love them. I’ve been here since Monday and it’s been great. love you girls, thank you for putting up with me. <3

p.s. this is a cleaned up version of my “non-anime circle eye adventure time not really chibi style” that I’m gonna start using for question drawings and stupid shit for my tumblr. yyyyyep. here we go. happy independence day! 

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    Guys, let me tell you ‘bout my best friend. She’s awesome and I love her. Eep, I’m so glad she’s here.
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    I love you boobooo
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